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“Appleatchee is one of my very favorite places to visit for a horse show! Being an equine photographer, I visit it quite a bit, whether it's for a show or for a portrait session for the boarders and their horses. I'm incredibly lucky to live only 10 minutes away from this gorgeous facility.”

Jeni Jo Photography

- Professional Equine Photographer -

"I had a great time sorting. Everyone was very nice and helpful."

Shannon CT.

"It's a very laid back atmosphere. Everyone it is very nice and very helpful. We look forward to participating every month!"

Paula J.

"Wonderful facility and friendly people!"

Geisha E.

"Outstanding show barn but arenas and areas to ride as well. Cattle on grounds for events and they do an outstanding job of grooming to fit your needs!"

Kathy W.

"We love Appleatchee!  Very clean, people are very friendly and so many places to ride."

Gabrielle S.

"Good People Nice facility with an indoor riding arena"

DeEtte P.

"I come from the Seattle area and this place is amazing. There's a huge variety of horseman (women) but from what I have seen, we all have the same goal: horsemanship and enjoying our horses. I am lucky to be a part of this facility"

Juliane H.

"this place is amazing! If you ever visit you HAVE to climb saddle rock. Absolutely stunning views up there. The stables are pretty nice, and you can put horses across from each other so they can see each other and plenty of alleyway space. There is also a really fun obstacle course just past the road that has bleachers for people who want to watch. The obstacle course has some jumps, but still plenty of room for people who don't want to jump. The arenas are very nice and spacey, although the J.S. Sparks arena has only 1 set of bleachers, but the lower one has plenty. If you board there, the horses can go outside in a little mini paddock. Also, there is plenty of room for campers or motorhomes. The outdoor arenas are very nice as well, and the round pen has very tall walls so horses can't jump out. Overall, it's a very nice place you should definitely visit sometime."

Hailey B.

Horses in stalls at Appleatchee Riders (1).jpg | 509.663.3175 | 1130 Circle Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Appleatchee Riders Association is a private membership organization incorporated in 1947 in Washington State for the purpose of promoting fellowship among horse lovers.

Please note: We are a private facility. All of the horses here are privately owned. We Have NO Pony Rides, Trail Rides, Birthday Parties, or Horses for Rent.

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Learn more about joining Appleatchee Riders

Welcome to Appleatchee Riders! We are excited to have you join us!

The purpose of our club is to develop and promote good fellowship among horse lovers, cultivate interaction and education among our members, and foster the welfare of our youth.

Club activities include horse shows, dressage, hunter/jumper events, schooling shows, trail riding, Patterned Speed Horse Association gaming events (timed events), reining, team sorting, and team roping events. We host a variety of clinics throughout the year and strive to offer our members every opportunity to grow as horse people.

General membership information

Membership fees

Appleatchee Riders facility from the air

Initiation fee to join - $101

Individual membership annual fee - $280

Membership renews annually. If application is made after June 30 of the current year, dues for the remainder of the year are $140.00 for an individual.

Family membership annual fee - $400

Membership renews annually. If application is made after June 30 of the current year, dues for the remainder of the year are $200.00 for a family.

Applicant information

New members can apply to join Appleatchee as a family group or as an individual. A family group shall consist of a married couple, or parent/parents, with children under the age of 21 years of age residing in the same household. In order for a couple to qualify for a family membership, they must be married. An individual membership consists of persons eighteen years or older. Minors may be sponsored on another member’s membership at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.


The membership application must be completed and accompanied by a $101.00 initiation fee and $400.00 for a family membership or $280.00 for an individual membership. If application is made following June 30 of the current year, dues for the remainder of the year are $200.00 for a family or $140.00 for an individual. Memberships must be renewed annually by re-submitting the membership application.


Applications are available on this website and in the Appleatchee office Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Completed applications with proper fees enclosed may be brought directly to the office. Upon submission of a membership application, potential members will be required to review the grounds rules with an Appleatchee employee or available board member. You are also required to attend the next scheduled Board Meeting to complete your application process. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month. Please see our calendar for the next meeting date.


Please be aware that membership in this association provides its members with the full use of its facilities and requires individuals to abide by its Bylaws and Ground Rules.


Members are encouraged to participate in operations and maintenance of the club facilities. Work parties for specific causes are organized regularly to help with general and seasonal maintenance of the facility. These activities provide excellent opportunities to socialize and result in cost savings and personal pride in ownership of club facilities. Members are also encouraged to participate in division events, including weekly practices.


If you have any questions about this application process, please use the form below to reach out or call the Appleatchee Office at (509) 663-3175.

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