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Appleatchee Riders Association is a private membership organization incorporated in 1947 in Washington State for the purpose of promoting fellowship among horse lovers.

Please note: We are a private facility. All of the horses here are privately owned. We Have NO Pony Rides, Trail Rides, Birthday Parties, or Horses for Rent.

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“Appleatchee is one of my very favorite places to visit for a horse show! Being an equine photographer, I visit it quite a bit, whether it's for a show or for a portrait session for the boarders and their horses. I'm incredibly lucky to live only 10 minutes away from this gorgeous facility.”

Jeni Jo Photography

- Professional Equine Photographer -

"I had a great time sorting. Everyone was very nice and helpful."

Shannon CT.

"It's a very laid back atmosphere. Everyone it is very nice and very helpful. We look forward to participating every month!"

Paula J.

"Wonderful facility and friendly people!"

Geisha E.

"Outstanding show barn but arenas and areas to ride as well. Cattle on grounds for events and they do an outstanding job of grooming to fit your needs!"

Kathy W.

"We love Appleatchee!  Very clean, people are very friendly and so many places to ride."

Gabrielle S.

"Good People Nice facility with an indoor riding arena"

DeEtte P.

"I come from the Seattle area and this place is amazing. There's a huge variety of horseman (women) but from what I have seen, we all have the same goal: horsemanship and enjoying our horses. I am lucky to be a part of this facility"

Juliane H.

"this place is amazing! If you ever visit you HAVE to climb saddle rock. Absolutely stunning views up there. The stables are pretty nice, and you can put horses across from each other so they can see each other and plenty of alleyway space. There is also a really fun obstacle course just past the road that has bleachers for people who want to watch. The obstacle course has some jumps, but still plenty of room for people who don't want to jump. The arenas are very nice and spacey, although the J.S. Sparks arena has only 1 set of bleachers, but the lower one has plenty. If you board there, the horses can go outside in a little mini paddock. Also, there is plenty of room for campers or motorhomes. The outdoor arenas are very nice as well, and the round pen has very tall walls so horses can't jump out. Overall, it's a very nice place you should definitely visit sometime."

Hailey B.

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Team Sorting Division

Updates and photos from the Appleatchee Riders Team Sorting Division

Division Updates

Message from Division Head

Team Sorting is one of the fastest growing equine sports in the Country. Appleatchee Riders Team Sorting division hosts year-round monthly 2-man sorting competitions. We welcome all levels of riders, from beginners to experienced and enjoy great fun in a family friendly atmosphere. Our competitors come from all over the Pacific Northwest. While we host a competitive group of highly rated riders, we take great pride and enjoyment in welcoming beginning and intermediate level sorters to our family.

Competitions & Practices

Competitions: Appleatchee Riders hosts monthly year-round 2-man sorting competitions using a Multi Group Round Robin Format and will be adding an All Levels class on Sundays during May-October 2023. This new class will be a 5 ride limit, mandatory 1 draw, pick up to 4 or draw all 5.

We welcome all levels of riders, from beginners to experienced. and enjoy great fun in a family friendly atmosphere. 

Details can be found on the Event Dates flyers below

Practices: We will give everyone as many goes as we can during practice time and will vary depending on the number of sorters. 

During the winter season (October - March),Team Sorting practices are held twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday and begin at 6pm. 

During our outdoor season (April-September) we hold practices twice per week, Wednesday's and Thursdays, beginning at 6pm. When outdoors the sorting pen is generally set up, allowing for more practice time.

We also hold practice on Friday prior to each event.

Cost to practice is $20 for Appleatchee members and $25 ($20+$5 arena fee) for non-members. Please come prepared to help set up pens and mark cattle before practice and take down the pens after we finish.


2023 ARA Team Sorting Event Dates

NW Clubs Schedule  - Sort 4 the Cause list of all Team Sorting & Penning events for 2023


Sorting Event Results

Final Standings and Winners Overall event and Fast Time winners

Individual Round Results Results from each round of the events

Individual Rider Results Are Located Online At

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